Our Agilent 7800 Quadrupole ICP-MS provides high-resolution, multi-elemental analysis (ranging from 6Li to 238U) for both liquid and solid samples. With the ability to detect parts per trillion (ppt) concentrations or better, the ICP-MS is ideal for even the most challenging sample matrices, provided that they are well-prepared. The system includes a high-temperature plasma source (up to 10000°C) that ionizes samples, an interface system to transfer ions into the mass analyzer, and collision/reaction cells (CRCs) in He or H2 mode to eliminate interferences caused by argon molecules (e.g., 40Ar35Cl on 75As, 40Ar37Cl on 77Se).

The diluted clear aqueous is required and can be obtained after digested solid samples by using microwave or acid digestion methods. Samples with total dissolved solids exceeding 0.1 wt.% (0.1 g per 100 ml of solution) cannot be analyzed. Our autosampler is capable of analyzing 200+ samples and can accommodate samples.

In addition, we offer laser ablation as a solid sample introduction system, allowing for spatial analyses down to a few microns. The UP213 laser ablation accessory from New Wave Inc. can be coupled with our instruments for more advanced analyses.  

This instrument is located in IATL 198 and is managed by MATFab staff member Dr. Linhan Li.

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