On this page, you will find detailed information about using the MATFab facility.  While we think this site will provide additional information about our facility to potential and current users, always feel free to reach out to us at matfab-staff@uiowa.edu to ask questions.

MATFab Laboratory Manual

MATFab Laboratory Manual - This manual provides basic information about using our facility, including general laboratory rules and chemical safety guidelines.  Please read this manual before you begin working in our facility.

MATFab Chemical Safety

Template for Chemical Storage in MATFab - This is a basic template (.xcel) that needs to be filled out by the user group if they would like to store chemicals in the MATFab facility so that we have an inventory of chemicals in our laboratories.  It should be discussed with the MATFab staff member in charge of chemical safety (Dr. Michael Sinnwell) during chemical safety training and updated any time new chemicals are brought into the facility.  The updated document must be sent to Dr. Sinnwell whenever new chemicals are brought into the facility.  Details on chemical safety protocols can be found in the MATFab laboratory manual provided above.

MATFab Policies

Instructional Use Policy - How to use MATFab in your classes

Method Development Policy - How to approach us about developing new instrument methodology.

Guidelines for Manuscripts - How to include MATFab staff and instrumentation in your manuscripts

Guidelines on Writing Grant Proposals - How to interface with MATFab on grant proposals