The MATFab facility houses a range of instrumentation for materials characterization and fabrication needs.  Please click on the link below or on the side of the page to get additional details on the capabilities of each instrument, where the instrument is housed, and the staff person that is managing the equipment.

To schedule equipment, visit the Bookit Labs online reservation system.

Materials Characterization

Our instrumentation and skilled staff members will enable advanced characterization of alloys, crystals, powders, polymers, composites, and engineered components.  We have the capabilities to image and provide either qualitative of quantitative elemental composition for these materials.  In addition, we can identify solid phases, surface roughness, thin film thickness, porosity, and surface chemistry.

Materials Fabrication

We have a range of instruments available to deposit a range of coatings and precision lithography and etching tools to create a range of optical gratings and devices.  In addition to the major equipment listed below, the facility also has furnaces, spin coaters, and wet benches to support the fabrication process.

Thin-film deposition

Lithography and NanoImprint

Plasma etching