SDT-Q600  Thermogravimetric Analysis/Differential Scanning Calorimeter (TGA/DSC)

The TA Instruments SDT-Q600 provides simultaneous measurement of weight change (TGA), differential thermal analysis (DTA), and true differential heat flow (DSC) for solid materials. Key Features:

  • Measures the change in mass of a sample as a function of time or temperature—from ambient to 1500 °C; Useful for analyzing decomposition, hydration, oxidation, and other weight-related processes.
  • Measures the heat flow into or out of a sample as it is heated or held at a constant temperature; Provides information about phase transitions, heat of fusion, and other temperature-dependent behaviors.
  • The SDT-Q600 supports various sample formats, including solids and liquids. Sample must be contained in provided 110 𝜇L alumina cups and can range in mass from 3 mg to 15 mg.
  • Can control the atmosphere surrounding the sample by changing purge gases (ex. inert N2 or air with or without CO2)
  • Used in materials science, chemistry, and other fields to characterize thermal properties of materials, including polymers, pharmaceuticals, food, cocrystals, metal-organic frameworks and more.

The instrument is located in IATL 196 and is managed by Dr. Michael Sinnwell.

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