The Thermo Element XR High-Resolution ICP-MS is a double-focusing magnetic-sector-field ICP mass spectrometer. It can conduct routine and research multi-element analysis across the periodic table covering a mg/L (ppm) to sub pg/L(ppq) concentration range at high mass resolution. The systems offer fully automated tuning and analysis in conjunction with a comprehensive, customizable quality control system. Laser ablation also available for this instrument to handle analysis of solid-state materials. Researchers can be trained in instrument operation, sample preparation, data analysis, and basic troubleshooting or samples can be prepared, run, and analyzed by expert MATFab staff.


1. ESI SC-4DX PrepFAST Autosampler and autodilution System: Capable of utilizing as little as 0.5 mL of sample per run, performing dilutions up to 200-fold and online internal standardization.

2. Pulse counting and analog Secondary Electron Multiplier (SEM )detectors for covering concentration range up to 9 orders of magnitude.

3. Magnetic sector field and slit selection allows for essentially interference free elemental analysis.

4. Ultra-Trace Isotope Ratio Analysis

Applications of HR-ICP-MS:

Environmental & Earth Science: Elemental analysis of waters, rocks, soils, air filters; isotope ratio determinations to better than ±0.1% for Pb, Sr, and Li isotopes.

Semiconductor Industry: Determination of reagent purity.

Forensics: Elemental fingerprinting of materials.

Health & Biological Sciences: Elemental analysis for drug purity and the presence of trace elements in tissues and fluids.

Nuclear Industry: Tracing and confinement of reactor wastes.

This instrument is located in IATL 198 and is managed by MATFab staff member Dr. Linhan Li.  The system was purchased as part of an NSF EPSCoR proposal (OAI-2119551) "RII Track-2 FEC: Critical Resource Availability for the Future of the Renewable Energy Industry: Critical Minerals and Ground Water Resources in Iowa and Kansas" (Professor Brad Cramer, EES)

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