We welcome new users to the MATFab facility and our aim is to help you collect the data you need to meet your research and development goals.  Our trained technical staff are experts in their fields and are here to help.  To get started, we highly recommend that you consult with the MATFab staff anytime you are beginning a new project or need some additional guidance. If you are located at an external academic institution or industry, please reach out if you are interested in utilizing our facility.  You can find information about the location and management of each instrument here.  You can also email us at matfab-staff@uiowa.edu and then we can direct you to the right staff person for consultation.

We are specifically interested in training graduate student and postdoctoral scholars to run instruments in the facility and analyze their data. If you would like to receive training, the first thing to do is to create a user account in our Bookit Lab software.  You can find step-by-step instructions here.  You can then reach out to us to schedule training by emailing matfab-staff@uiowa.edu.  After you are trained and approved, you will be able to reserve instrumentation and services through the Bookit Labs site.

To schedule equipment, visit the Bookit Labs online reservation system.