Thank you for your interest in the MATFab. In order to use our facilities please do the following:

1. Please create a new user profile in BookIt Lab ( If your lab has an existing User group please select that group. If your group does not have an existing user group set up, then you should select the “New User Group” and contact with your PI’s name and an MFK for billing. Then, we will get your lab’s user group in to our system along with the necessary accounting information. In the future, you will use this account to reserve instrument time, request training, or use other resources that our facility has available. 


2) We embrace a culture of safety here in the MATFab facility. In order to use the facility all users must first meet with a staff member to undergo site specific and instrument specific training. In addition to our own site-specific requirements, we require that students show proof of compliance with EHS standards that exist for lab areas on campus. We would like students to send a staff member proof of the following lab safety courses before using the facility: 

o W115OS (HazCom with GHS)

o W008CM (Lab Chemical Safety)

o W157CM (PPE Awareness for labs)

o W07HAZ (Hazardous waste for labs)

o W485CM (Chemical Fume Hoods)

o W524HZ (Biohazardous waste bin training)

All of this information can be found at the university’s EHS website:


After completing all the requirements for EHS, go to the summary page and print a copy of your completed status in each module. If you have already completed one or more of the above quizzes for another lab or course, you do not have to take the quiz again, but we still want a copy of your completion for our records. Please send these to


Once you have completed all of the above online training and submitted your documents, we will contact you to schedule site-specific safety training and you will sign a safety document. This will allow us to give you access to the labs via your Iowa ID card. You will work with individual staff members for training on specific instruments once you reserve training for the first use of an instrument in BookItlab. 


Welcome to the MATFab facility and please do not hesitate to email us at if you have any questions.