Users can be trained to run their own samples on the instruments in the facility.  We charge $35/hr for the initial user training and then the hourly rate listed in the table is used for billing.  If you would like to have staff run your samples, then there is also a staff labor charge of $70/hr on top of the rate listed in the table.  Please contact us if you have questions ( regarding our rates or would like to be trained on any of the instruments and services that we provide in the facility.

Instrument Service


Academic Researchers


External Industry

Angstrom Electron Beam Evaporator Electron beam Metal Evaporator $55/hr $137.5/hr
Intilvac Nanochrome Sputtering System Sputterer $55/hr $137.5/hr
Oxford OPAL ALD Atomic  Layer Deposition $55/hr $137.5/hr
OAI 800 Mask Aligner UV Lithography $55/hr $137.5/hr
Oxford RIE NGP80 Reactive Ion Etcher $55/hr $137.5/hr
Oxford Plasma Pro 100 Cobra Intercoupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etcher $55/hr $137.5/hr
Nanonex 1006 Nanoimprinter $55/hr $137.5/hr
Raith Voyager  E-beam Lithography $70/hr $175/hr
Raith Voyager  SEM Imaging $35/hr $87.5/hr
MTI RTP Annealer RTP Tube Furnace $33/hr $82.5/hr
Edwards Thermal Evaporator Thermal Evaporator for Thin Films $33/hr $82.5/hr
MTI Wafer Dicer Computer Controlled Wafer Dicer $33/hr $82.5/hr
Mechanical Polisher Mechanical Polisher (1um tolerance) $33/hr $82.5/hr
Veeco Optical Profiler Optical Profiler $33/hr $82.5/hr
Woollam Ellipsometer Ellipsometer $33/hr $82.5/hr
Custom Tube Furnace Tube Furnace $33/hr $82.5/hr
WVWR Vacuum Oven Vacuum Oven $33/hr $82.5/hr
Negative Resist Spinner Resist Spinner $55/hr $137.5/hr
Positive Resist Spinner Resist Spinner $55/hr $137.5/hr
170 Wet Bench Wet Bench $20/hr $50/hr
174 Wet Bench Wet Bench $20/hr $50/hr
Nikon Eclipse Ci Pol Microscope Microscope $5/hr $12.5/hr
Quantichrome BET Surface Area and Pore Space Analyzer  $20/sample $50/sample
Zeiss Microscope Microscope $33/hr $82.5/hr
Kratos Axis Ultra XPS X-Ray photoelectron spectrometer $55/hr $137.5/hr
Renishaw Raman microscope Raman microscopy $30/hr $75/hr
Varian ICP-OES Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer $45/hr $112.5/hr
Exeter CE440 combustion analyzer  Elemental analysis for CHN  $80/hr $200/hr
Agilent ICP-MS Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer for liquids $40/hr $100/hr
ICP-MS with laser ablation Mass Spectrometry with laser ablation for solids $50/hr $125/hr
JEOL Microprobe Electron Probe microanalyzer


$600/24 hrs


$1,500/24 hr

Hitachi SEM Microscopy  $25/hr $62.5/hr
Rigaku XRF X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer  $90/hr $225/hr
D8 Advance Powder X-ray diffraction $15/hr $20/hr
D8 Venture Duo Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction

Unit cell - $25/hr

Data collection - $100/hr

Unit cell - $62.5/hr

Data collection - $250/hr