Instrument Service Internal Cost
Angstrom Electron Beam Evaporator Electron beam Metal Evaporator $55/hr
Intilvac Nanochrome Sputtering System Sputterer $55/hr
Oxford OPAL ALD Atomic  Layer Deposition $55/hr
OAI 800 Mask Aligner UV Lithography $55/hr
Oxford RIE NGP80 Reactive Ion Etcher $55/hr
Oxford Plasma Pro 100 Cobra Intercoupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etcher $55/hr
Nanonex 1006 Nanoimprinter $55/hr
Raith Voyager  E-beam Lithography $70/hr
Raith Voyager  SEM Imaging $35/hr
MTI RTP Annealer RTP Tube Furnace $33/hr
Edwards Thermal Evaporator Thermal Evaporator for Thin Films $33/hr
MTI Wafer Dicer Computer Controlled Wafer Dicer $33/hr
Mechanical Polisher Mechanical Polisher (1um tolerance) $33/hr
Veeco Optical Profiler Optical Profiler $33/hr
Woollam Ellipsometer Ellipsometer $33/hr
Custom Tube Furnace Tube Furnace $33/hr
WVWR Vacuum Oven Vacuum Oven $33/hr
Negative Resist Spinner Resist Spinner $55/hr
Positive Resist Spinner Resist Spinner $55/hr
170 Wet Bench Wet Bench $20/hr
174 Wet Bench Wet Bench $20/hr
Nikon Eclipse Ci Pol Microscope Microscope $5/hr
Quantichrome BET Surface Area and Pore Space Analyzer  $20/sample
Zeiss Microscope Microscope $33/hr
Kratos Axis Ultra XPS X-Ray photoelectron spectrometer $55/hr
Renishaw Raman microscope Raman microscopy $30/hr
Varian ICP-OES Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer $45/hr
Exeter CE440 combustion analyzer  Elemental analysis for CHN  $80/hr
Agilent ICP-MS Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer for liquids $40/hr
ICP-MS with laser ablation Mass Spectrometry with laser ablation for solids $50/hr
JEOL Microprobe Electron Probe microanalyzer $70/hr
Hitachi SEM Microscopy  $25/hr
Rigaku XRF X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer  $90/hr