Dispersive Raman spectrometers utilize a form of vibrational spectroscopy to provide information regarding molecular structure.  Raman spectra are used for identification and quantification of both organic and inorganic materials and are very sensitive to minor changes in molecular structure. The Renishaw system has many applications in the pharmaceutical, forensic, and semiconductor fields, and features specialized sampling options for many applications in these areas.  Sampling is nondestructive and can often be performed directly through glass or plastic packaging, providing an excellent solution when non-invasive sampling is required.  

This instrument is located in IATL 196 and is managed by Dr. Daniel Unruh.

Instrument Specifications

  • Brightfield and Darkfield illumination
  • Laser options: 785 nm, 514 nm
  • Grating options: High and low resolution for each wavelength
  • Fully automated optical alignment
  • Standard and Long working distance objectives: 5x, 20x, 50x 
  • Motorized wafer stage handling wafers up to 300 mm.
  • iWire software can be downloaded for free on to your work desktop for post processing outside of the lab.
  • The system can be configured for both micro and macro sampling of solids and powders. We do not currently have a cuvette cell setup for doing liquids (unless its a droplet on a sample slide or in a well)

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