Hitachi S-3400N SEM

S-3400N SEM User Instructions

Instrument Specifications

  • The Hitachi S-3400N SEM is a high performance, user-friendly scanning electron microscope with new improvements that allow the best results for a wide range of applications. Features include:
  • Unique VP-mode that allows microscopy of wet, oily and non-conductive samples in their natural state without the need of conventional sample preparation.
  • 3.0 nm resolution guaranteed in high vacuum mode or 4.0 nm in VP-mode.
  • Resolution
    • 3.0nm High Vacuum Mode
    • 4.0nm Variable Pressure Mode
  • Chamber
    • Accommodates 10 inch specimen
    • Three high TOA ports for EDS, WEDS, EBSP, XRF, etc.
  • Stage
    • Fully eucentric, 5 axis computer controlled motorized stage
  • Electron Gun
    • Variable Quad Bian Circuitry with SE Accelerator Plate
  • Automation
    • Full automation including "no touch" objective aperture alignment
  • Vacuum
    • Turbo Molecular Pump (TMP)
  • Detectors

This instrument is housed in IATL 198 and is managed by Kenny Horkeley and Michael Sinnwell.

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